Wine evaluation application


A simple mobile application for wine evaluation and managing your personal archive of tasted wines.

Download application WineCo on your smart phone or tablet and step into the story with a single touch!

Through the WineCo application you will be evaluating wine through the methods used by professional wine connoisseurs:

100-point international wine evaluation chart according to the OIV standards

20-point Buxbaum wine evaluation chart


Tip the wine in the glass and see its true colour, its clarity.

The appearance of wine can remind us on possible faults that are reflected in its colour. Through this we are able to define age and the storage adequacy of the wine.


Define the shade and nuance of the wine. Through this we are able to define its age and maturity. In the colour we are looking for the variety of the made wine in the glass.

EFFERVESCENCE (sparkling wine, champagne)

Symbolizes the formation and dissolving of the bubbles of carbon dioxide, from the bottom of the glass alongside with the neck of the glass up to the surface. We are also able to detect gentle foaming on the taste in the mouth.

Only for sparkling wine the characteristic is continuous dissolving of the bubbles. Pay attention to their size, the number and the length.


Swirl the glass of wine in your hands to release the aroma of the selected variety. Based on this define genuineness/varietal, intensity and quality. What does the aroma in your glass remind you of? Soft fruits, flower, coffee or vanilla?


Taste the wine and find in its genuineness/varietal, intensity, permanence and quality. What does the taste remind you of? Fruit aromas, herbal aromas, exotic aromas or more structured, vanilla, coffee, wood, black pepper, leather, earth?

Taste is defined by the level of alcohol, tannins, sugar or aromatic substances that are released from the skins of the berries.

Aftertaste or the decline of the wine tells us the length of the wine in the mouth, after we have already tasted the wine. Long and complex taste is a good indicator of the quality of the wine.


Flavours in wine, such as fruitiness, sweetness, tannins and acidity need to be in the perfect harmony. If the fruitiness or sweetness prevails, the wine can have a weak taste. If there are too many tannins and too much of the acidity, the wine can be tart and unpleasant on the mouth.

Rate your wine and archive your evaluation on your phone or tablet! Search for location and time of your evaluation and share it with your friends.

You can specify the variety, winemaker, region, year and some other data, including footnotes of the wine samples, that you will evaluate.


At the end you can save the assessment on your smart phone or
tablet and you will always be able to check how, where and when you evaluated each wine.


About us

The application WineCo PRO is the result of precise knowledge of evaluation methodologies (OIV) and the systematic work of the Slovenian team, which on the one hand is fully aware of the wine branch and on the other controls the system infrastructure, which is in the background recording the results of each wine evaluation taking place.

The application WineCo PRO is a step towards the modernization and simplification of wine evaluation. We provide the software and infrastructure needed for the monitoring of wine competitions. To ensure unobstructed process we guarantee the presence of our team at each particular wine competition.



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